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House rules

RECEPTION We are at your service to assist and inform you both of the services we offer at the camp-site and its surroundings: tourist information, attractions, activities and cultural events, emergency telephones, nearby medical attention, and complaints and suggestions among others.

VEHICLES Cars must park in the parking lot entrance. You are allowed to bring your vehicle to the bungalow or plot for for loading and unloading. The speed limit inside the camp-site is 10 km / h. Driving is forbidden between 24:00 h. and 8.00 h. The entrance gate closes at 23.00 h. Guests can ask for a key of the gate (we ask for a 5 € deposit for the key that we give back upon return).

SILENCE Between 24:00 h and 8.00 h we ask you to keep quiet for the well-being of everybody at Vinyols Camp. During this time, we ask not to make use of noisy machines, playground, washing machine, sinks or other services. Radios and televisions should be used with low volume.

POOL Children up to 10 years must be accompanied and supervised by parents at all times around and inside the pool. In case of accident the camping declines all responsibility on the parents. The use of balls, beach mattresses or floating objects is forbidden, except for life jackets. It is compulsory to shower before swimming.

OLD POOL At the top of the farm is the old pool for agricultural use. It is currently inhabited by fish. It has no fence because it meets the high regulatory standards. We suggest however, that young children who want to approach are accompanied by parents.

VEGETABLES GARDEN AND FRUIT TREES The vegetables and fruits we produce are for consumption at the restaurant and for customers. You are not allowed, however, to take any type of vegetable or fruit without the explicit permission of the camping staff.

POND The small pond has a biological function. The birds that come and frogs that live there protect us from mosquitoes and plagues at the vegetables garden. It is therefore important not to damage the wildlife, so hunting frogs, throwing objects, or moving around the big stones is prohibited.

PONIES AND HORSES You are not allowed to feed the animals. Children, in case you want to approach them, must be accompanied by adults. Never approach the horses and ponies from behind.

PLAYGROUND It is exclusively for children between 3 and 10 years, which must be accompanied by an adult.

PETS Pets are allowed provided they have all documentation and chip up to date. Inside the camping they must be securely tied. You have to collect the droppings and deposit them in the cube next to the area of the compound. The management reserves the right to require the muzzle.

BARBECUE You are not allowed to light a fire or use a barbecue without prior authorization from management. We have barbecues that we can borrow to customers.

WASHING We have washing machines available to our customers. Ask for key at reception. The price is 3 € per machine and does not include soap or fabric softener. We have bars of soap at the reception at 1 €.

CHEMICAL WC We do NOT have a chemical toilet for caravans and motorhomes. We do have a tank to empty them. Please ask at the reception in advance and someone will come and empty the chemical WC.

CLEANING AND ENVIRONMENT In order to maintain the living conditions at the camp-site and to respect the environment, we kindly ask you to:

  1. Do no waste water, and turn off all lights when you leave your bungalow or plot.
  2. Separate trash: organic debris, glass, cans, paper and rejection. Organic waste is deposited in the compost bin in front of the garden, next to the fence. Other wastes properly classified, to be deposited in the containers of the entrance. Please, use the bins we have.
  3. Camping Each customer is responsible for cleaning up their plot. Plots should be at all times clean and free of litter. It is not allowed to hang wires or other objects from the trees.
  4. Bungalows During your stay you are responsible for cleaning your bungalow and for leaving everything in order upon departure. In the case of loss or breakage please warn the reception.

SAFETY Vinyols Camp is not responsible for theft or loss, or fire or damage caused by third persons outside the camp staff. Take the same measures than at home to prevent theft. We ask parents to keep an eye at all times to their children in order to avoid accidents and other damages to the environment.

COMPLAINTS AND SUGGESTIONS In order to improve our facilities, services and personal attention, we ask you to notify us of any anomalies that you observe may affect them, as well as any complaint or suggestion you may have. For this reason we would appreciate if you could fill the survey available at the reception.

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