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General conditions

NOTE: the text hereafter is an automated translation. Please let us know if there’s anything you do not understand.

Formalize the reservation request

To formalize a pre-booking, the customer is required to enter the account Camp Vinyols a variable percentage of the total amount of the reserve, depending on the number of days between the date of admission and date of arrival, the following criteria :

  • 30 days or more of arrival: 30% of the total.
  • Less than 30 days before arrival: 40% of the total.

The term of the amount to be paid from the time of application accepted is 8 business days (subject to exceptions to be agreed). If the request is made within 30 days, we make the payment option of booking a rebound of 50% each, provided that the amount to formalize the reservation is more than 200 €.

Data bank for entry:

Camp vinyols Ecotur SL
La Caixa 2100 1324 19 0110102322

It is important that the record in income, the same name that has been requested i reserve the arrival and departure.

Vinyols Camp reserves the right to modify these conditions in special circumstances, if the client requests it.

Other conditions

  • The check in time is from 16 h. and output to 12 h. In the event that takes place before the arrival or departure later, the reception will have to authorize and reserves the right to charge a fee.
  • The price includes a parking space.
  • The cars, except loading and unloading, remain in the parking area.
  • Pets accepted prior health documentation. Price: according to current rates.
  • In time to come will be given a welcome booklet where you will find the internal rules of operation. We ask to read.
  • Prior notification to the receipt and payment of the prevailing rate views are accepted.
  • The settlement will stay in advance, taking place at the time of arrival or during the first few days.
  • Vinyols Camp reserves the right to request a deposit up to € 100, if convenient.
  • At the time of departure, the bungalow will be reviewed to ensure its proper use.

Cancellation of the reservation and refund of deposit

  • Before 30 days or more: 90% refund of the amount formalize the reservation.
  • From 30 to 10 days before: 50% refund of the amount formalize the reservation.
  • Less than 10 days: 0% refund.

In all cases, it offers the ability to save the deposit for the reservation for another stay in the same season.

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