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Farm and animals

Our estate is a 5 hectares organic farm called Maspubills, name given by our ancestors who farmed this piece of land. It is a typical farm in this coastal area of Catalonia, where we grow fruit trees, hazel trees and olive trees. We also farm our vegetable garden, growing a wide variety of vegetables, and take care of our farmyard that gives us top quality eggs.

The farm, with all variety of animals, generously provide us with geese, ducks and chicken’s eggs.

Our horses and ponies (Mimi, Sophia, Princess and Simba) delight us in letting us pet and feed them. They let us fertilise the vegetable garden and trees naturally, getting in return delicious fruits and vegetables.

The garden is part of Vinyols Camp, providing us with a close contact with earth and giving us the best vegetables.

The pond has a biological function: it attracts all kinds of wildlife necessary for organic farming. There live frogs, that we treat with respect because, along with dragonflies, help avoid suffering mosquito bites.

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